Volunteer Fund

Giving to Starkville Academy Annual Fund

Starkville Academy’s Annual Fund bridges the gap between tuition and the actual cost of an Independent education, allowing the school to offer the highest quality program, at tuition levels that are affordable to more families and students. Recent years have seen the Annual Fund giving grow.

In the past few years Annual Fund contributions have enabled the school to:

  • Renovate the old high school science lab into and an elementary science lab;
  • Equip all classrooms with ceiling mounted projectors;
  • Add interactive whiteboards (i.e., Smartboards, ENO boards, etc.) to many of its classrooms; and
  • Enhance the educational technology and curriculum of the school.

The strategy for the on-going use of Annual Fund donations is to directly impact student learning by continuing to boost the classroom technology and curriculum. Your gift to Starkville Academy makes a difference to every student and teacher in the school community.

Your participation is key. Each gift, no matter what size, makes a difference. This is why we ask you to participate and make a gift to the Starkville Academy Annual Fund.

Since the school is a 501c3 institution, gifts are 100% tax deductible. Thank you for your support of Starkville Academy.

The successful private school builds a fund-raising paradigm based on three primary income streams:  a rate of tuition that sustains the operation of the school, an annual fund to provide the enhancements not provided for by the operating budget, and capital campaigns to fund construction and expansion.”